Widex Hearing Aids

WIDEX Custom™


Built around the most powerful hearing aid technology available, WIDEX CUSTOM provides you with superior sound in a discreet, custom-made device that fits perfectly in your ear. CUSTOM captures all the sounds you need. No other in-the-ear hearing aid can capture such a wide range of sounds. Sophisticated WIDEX processing technology automatically detects your listening situation and makes sure you hear the right sound at the right time in the right place. That way you can focus on what you are doing — instead of having to adjust your hearing aids.


  • Get the ultimate comfort and optimal sound quality in a perfectly-fitting in-the-ear hearing aid.
  • CUSTOM is created using CAMISHA – WIDEX’s advanced laser technology – to provide you with an in-the-ear hearing aid that fits perfectly.
  • An innovative and well-designed battery door makes changing batteries faster and easier than ever.
  • With fully customizable controls, you can adjust the settings of your CUSTOM in-the-ear hearing aid in the manner that suits you.
  • Do more by connecting to the extensive range of DEX assistive devices.
  • The combination of CUSTOM in-the-ear hearing aid and assistive devices makes communication with audio equipment, television and mobile or landline phones easy.



SUPER is a RITE hearing aid with excellent sound quality and design for people with severe to profound hearing loss. Powerful but comfortable, WIDEX SUPER™ is the ultimate solution when you need power and clarity. A small, stylish Receiver-in-the-ear, it lets you hear clearly and without distortion.


  • Hear what people behind you are saying.
  • Enjoy conversations in noisy environments such as restaurants.
  • Weather resistant so you can enjoy hearing even when outdoors.
  • Small but powerful and with long battery life.

WIDEX Beyond™

WIDEX hearing aids already give you the best sound. Now they also give you the best ways of staying connected to the world around you.

The new WIDEX BEYOND™ is the world’s best sounding made-for-iPhone hearing aid. And with multiple ways of connecting through Bluetooth, DEX communication devices and Telecoils, your world never sounded so good. The BEYOND App also works if you have an Android phone.

Little wonder that hearing users have already rated BEYOND significantly better than similar solutions.


  • BEYOND is the only made-for-iPhone hearing aid with an app that uses the familiar swipe function.
  • It provides you with quick and easy navigation through intuitive commands and screens.
  • BEYOND remember the exact settings for you next visit, giving you a personal good sound experience.
  • BEYOND has an outstanding battery life, giving you connected hearing for less power.
  • BEYOND is the only hearing aid available to offer you more than one way of keeping connected. With TRI-LINK™ technology, the possibilities are infinite.

WIDEX Beyond Z™

The best sounding Rechargeable Hearing Aids. Experience a full day of superior sound quality and streaming without ever worrying about running out of power. Because of it’s efficient design, BEYOND Z has the lowest power consumption of any rechargeable hearing aids.


  • Listen to what you want, where you want on your iPhone or iPad – without compromising on sound quality.
  • Have an Android phone? You can stream music to your hearing aids via one of WIDEX many DEX accessories.
  • BEYOND Z is designed to provide you with the most comfortable and natural sound in all listening situations, while also optimizing speech understanding.
  • With the BEYOND app, you can adjust sound settings and listening preferences, use your own pictures and create sound templates for specific listening situations.
  • You will seldom run out of power with BEYOND Z, but should you be far from a power outlet, simply swap the rechargeable battery for a regular zinc-air battery.


DREAM hearing aids give you true-to-life sound and more sound and words.  Any hearing aid can improve your hearing. A special one aims to give you true-to-life sound. WIDEX DREAM™ does exactly that. If you’re an experienced hearing aid user, you’ll hear the difference straight away. Sounds will seem richer, and more detailed and well-rounded. You’ll start to take more pleasure in the world of sound around you.

If DREAM is your first hearing aid, you can look forward to hearing many of the sounds you’ve been missing.


WIDEX knew that many of you desire a very discreet hearing solution. That’s why they have created the CIC MICRO -One of the smallest CIC’s on the market.


Do you desire a discreet hearing aid? WIDEX CIC and CIC MICRO hearing aids are among the smallest you will find.


The perfect solution for those who prefer power and easy functionality.


One of the world’s smallest behind-ear hearing aids, DREAM PASSION is the ultimate in discretion and elegance. It is virtually invisible.


Extremely discreet and stylish, the micro DREAM is one of the smallest behind-the-ear hearing aids available.


The FUSION model provides the ultimate in flexibility. Three different receivers, as well as various ear-tip and custom earmould options, means that FUSION can suit most types of hearing loss.


Elegant yet powerful. FASHION offers you the power of a conventional hearing aid and the discretion of the smaller models combined with the absolute latest technology.


The powerful 9 model is perfect if you use FM and telecoil systems. Volume and program changes can be made easily on the hearing aid itself.

DREAM Fashion Power BTE

For you who have a severe hearing loss, a classic power hearing aid is a must. With FASHION POWER you get that and the great sound quality that WIDEX is famous for.

Hearing Aids For Children and Teens

Children and teens can benefit from the exceptional WIDEX sound from day one. WIDEX offer solutions for all ages to help them get the most out of their hearing.

With WIDEX hearing aids, your child will enter a world of exceptional sound quality even in demanding listening situations, such as in the classroom, playground or car, or in front of the television. Advanced WIDEX features focus on making speech audible, while flexible ways of adjusting the hearing aid ensure the greatest precision in fittings for children of all ages.
Hearing aids from WIDEX are small and discreet while still giving your child incredibly good sound – and they look great too.

WIDEX hearing aids reduce whistling or feedback so that it is always pleasant to wear the hearing aid. They also reduce wind noise better than any other hearing aid, providing 30% better speech understanding in wind*. Most importantly, WIDEX hearing aid technology helps with language and speech development. In fact, studies conducted with school-age children have shown that the perception and product of speech sounds can improve significantly with WIDEX hearing aids.


  • Cosmetic and flexible fit options.
  • Dynamic Sound Processing.
  • Connectivity.
  • FM+DEX flexibility.

Solutions for Babies

WIDEX has designed a hearing aid specifically for babies. The WIDEX BABY™ hearing aid provides babies with access to as many sounds as possible, helping to stimulate their language and speech development. WIDEX BABY gives your baby an opportunity to interact with you and the surrounding world, whether at home, in daycare or with family.

Thanks to its miniature size, WIDEX BABY fits perfectly on small ears. And as it has been designed using light but tough materials, you can rest assured that it will sit comfortably and securely all day long.

WIDEXhave also concentrated on making the fitting of WIDEX BABY as quick and easy as possible.


WIDEX CROS helps people with one-sided hearing loss, or single-sided deafness (SSD).

If you are deaf in one ear and have normal hearing in the other, then WIDEX CROS is for you. The solution can also be used if you are deaf in one ear and hearing impaired in the other. This is known as a BiCROS solution.


  • Superb sound quality, and no echoes or distortion – this makes WIDEX CROS particularly good for hearing speech. By wirelessly transmitting sound from the deaf ear to the better ear, CROS reduces the head shadow effect, thereby diminishing the detrimental effects.
  • Listening to and participating in conversations is made a lot easier with WIDEX CROS. Enjoy, follow and participate in conversations again – regardless of on which side of you the speaker is located.
  • You wear WIDEX CROS on your deaf ear like an ordinary Behind-the-ear hearing aid. It picks up sound from your surroundings and transmits it over to a hearing aid on your other ear.
  • WIDEX CROS helps you hear all the sounds around you. You can hear sounds from your deaf side without turning your head.
  • For your better ear, you can choose from a range of models from WIDEX popular DREAM family.
  • Due to WIDEX advanced battery saving technology, it uses three times less power than other wireless CROS solutions.