Buying Refurbished Hearing Aids

What To Consider When Buying Refurbished Hearing Aids

Today, if you are unable to afford new hearing aids there is a way to get low-cost hearing aids in the marketplace.

Refurbished hearing aids can be purchased at a lower price not compromise if you are okay with 3-4-year-old technology. However, before you start looking for used hearing aids, here are a few things you need to consider.

Fitting of Refurbished Hearing Aids

There are two basic styles of hearing aid fittings, there is behind the ear fitting, also known as BTE. And then there are in-ear-fitting that are called ITE, which are custom fit. As the shape of each ear canal is unique, this hearing aid cannot be used by anyone else and there for you cannot buy them refurbished. On the other hand, behind the ear fitting hearing aids are simply coupled to the individual’s ear using a custom earmold, or ear tip and can be purchased refurbished. So when the hearing aid is refurbished, they change the custom earmold to fit the new owner and use the same mechanics. During the refurbishing process, the hearing aid is adjusted to its new owners’ needs. Make sure there are warranties with your purchase.

Technology used in Hearing Aids

This is a huge factor to consider, as you are considering a refurbished hearing aid. The power source, the programming, its age, the circuit, and how well the hearing aid works for your lifestyle, are the main concerns when choosing any hearing aid. A hearing care professional can check the device, to make sure the hearing aid you are receiving is up to par. Some dealers will even mail hearing aids to you, check your State laws this may be a problem in some States.

What is the Cost Difference on a Refurbished Hearing Device?

If you start looking at low costing hearing aids then you will see just how big of a difference there is between a new hearing aid and a refurbished hearing aid. And when we say huge, we mean there is usually a $600 to $700 gap between new and refurbished.

For questions on how to obtain refurbished hearing aids or to retrofit a refurbished hearing aid please contact us.