Our Clients’ Testimonials

This is my third attempt with hearing aids. These aids are the best!



I like Lawrence Hearing Aid Center because they are upfront about everything, they will spend time with you and explain how and why the aid works.



The whole experience was wonderful. I highly recommend the hearing aids selected for me, by Chris. I also appreciate the support given by every one at Lawrence Hearing Aid Center.



Thank you Chris and to your Wife. I am grateful for all the ways you have helped me with adjusting to my new hearing aids. It is a vast improvement for me and a blessing to my Husband.



I thought that when I needed reading glasses that my life would be over! Now I discover that I have had pretty significant (moderate-to-severe) bilateral hearing loss and I’m sure I need to get the funeral plans firmed up! BUT WAIT! I was told that many people when first getting hearing aids reject them because they are so uncomfortable now hearing all the ambient noises/sounds they had been previously oblivious to. I can tell you that I refused to take my RITE’s out the first night because I was amazed at hearing all that I had been missing for God-knows-how-long. I can only sense what a previously deaf person experiences when given the miracle of hearing-for-the-first-time I have a smile on my face all day and feel like I have been given a superpower! Everything I’ve missed. I can hear the person across the table in a restaurant; I can hear the people 100 feet away as they approach me; I hear little sounds that we all take for granted such as turn signals, people sighing and so many nuances that make conversations so much richer! But now I can no longer get away with not doing something I’m supposed to because “I didn’t hear you!”
Thank you to Marilyn who encouraged me to get tested and to audiologist Chris Lawrence who bestowed this wonderful gift on meπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘