Siemens Making Smart Connections

Sivantos Makes Siemens Hearing Aids Smarter, More Accessible

Sivantos is unveiling smarter and more accessible Siemens hearing aids by introducing smartHearing technology and the world’s broadest portfolio of smart hearing aids at the 60th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in Nuremberg. Highlights include a more powerful Insio binax custom product for severe hearing losses and a newly enhanced Essentials line for budget-conscious consumers. Smart hearing aids now account for nearly 90% of the Siemens hearing instrument portfolio and are available for virtually every lifestyle and need.

Siemens smartHearing technology is based on e2e wireless® 3.0, which enables audio exchange between both hearing aids and emulates the natural binaural hearing processes. Siemens smartHearing is made up of three components: smartSound, smartAdapt, and smartConnect. These elements work together to create an exceptional binaural listening experience.

Stress-free phone calls: simple, anytime and anywhere

“Hello Mr. Smith**, how are you? I just wanted to ask if the migration to the new software went well.” As a customer advisor, the telephone is the essential tool of the job for Robert Maier**: whether it be for initial contact, clarification of outstanding questions or support after successful conclusion of the transaction – when it comes to customer retention, a one-to-one conversation is far more effective than an e-mail. That is why Robert often likes to pick up the phone, or rather he does again now: before he had his hearing aids, it was on the telephone that he first noticed he often had to ask questions because he did not fully understand what his conversation partner was saying. When he got his first hearing aids, however, making phone calls was not really any easier than before. Often enough, background noises in the office overlapped with the customer’s voice.

Make phone calls the smart way with Signia hearing aids

Whether professional or personal: the telephone is the ubiquitous means of communication. With the new Signia hearing aids with TwinPhone program, using the telephone is now easy and convenient, even in challenging hearing situations. And thanks to easyTek™, the hearing aids can even be connected directly to Bluetooth-enabled phones and work as a headset for wireless hands-free operation.