Lawrence Hearing Aid Center Improves Quality of Life Through Better Hearing

Lawrence Hearing Aid Center Improves Quality of Life Through Better Hearing

Carlsbad, CA — (SBWIRE) — 01/21/2015 — Lawrence Hearing Aid Center in Carlsbad California is offering patients with hearing problems a chance to lead normal lives despite their hearing issues. The center which has adopted a patient-centered approach, places the patient’s needs first and works towards providing a solution which works. The center has been described as one of a kind for its affordability, effectiveness, and the fact that it has adopted a patient-centered approach in solving hearing problems.

The center which is run by Chris Lawrence offers the latest in technology at the value which many find affordable. The hearing aid staff works with patients to find the most appropriate solution for their hearing loss and lifestyle. Visit their website for an overview of hearing aid services:

Their goal is to offer those who have a hearing loss; professional, courteous, and helpful service. The hearing aid center has been a leading provider of affordable, quality hearing aids, and hearing aid repairs in the Southern California region since 1990. The center in addition to providing clients with the latest hearing aid technology, also offers the counseling and support necessary to improve an individual’s quality of life through better hearing.

About Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence is a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, having been in this field for more than twenty-four years. His first working station was building hearing aids with a leading manufacturer where he showed an aptitude for the work, he was promoted through the company. He runs the specialty production lines as well as managed the All-makes and models repair department. The fifteen years he worked in the manufacturing sector also involved the training of audiologists and dispensers in the programming and repairing of all types of hearing instruments. It was during this period that he acquired a State Licensing and National Board Certification. After being involved in the fitting of hearing systems as a clinic manager, Chris was appointed the Business Development Manager position, where he was in charge of a region covering multiple states for one of the largest hearing industry companies in the world. Although the job was rewarding, Chris was not satisfied. He felt that the job was taking a toll on his family as he was always traveling and he did not have time to do what he liked most, working with the patients. It is his desire to be with his family and the passion of serving the patient that led him to start his own local business. He purchased a local hearing aid company and began formulating new and fresh ideas in the hearing healthcare industry. Chris invites all those who have hearing issues to take advantage of his Patient-Centered approach, and see for yourself that you are more than just a number to Chris and his staff. The patient-centered approach that the hearing aid center has adopted has won the hearts of many.

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