Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn S™ Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn S hearing aids help you break free of restrictions and join the conversation in difficult listening environments.


  • New rechargeable hearing aid. A stylish, rechargeable solution you recharge at night for a full day of hearing.
  • Speech understanding on par with normal hearing. Studies prove Oticon Opn S users experience speech understanding at the same level as people with normal hearing.
  • A 360⁰ sound experience. Oticon Opn S comes with improved technology, giving your brain access to relevant sounds around you.
  • Easy wireless connectivity. Oticon Opn S offers simple, wireless connectivity to your favorite devices.
  • No more whistling. OpenSound Optimizer technology detects and prevents annoying whistling before it even happens.
  • Hands-free phone calls from any modern smartphone. ConnectClip makes it easy to make hands-free calls. It transmits the caller’s voice to your hearing aids, while the built-in microphone clearly transfers what you say to the caller.
  • Stream music in high-quality stereo sound. Your hearing aids become high-quality, wireless headphones, streaming music directly from iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®. Other Bluetooth®-enabled devices stream via the wireless ConnectClip.
  • Stream sound from your TV. Stream sound from your television directly into your hearing aids, using the Oticon TV adapter. Now you can enjoy your favorite programs at the volume you choose.
  • Boost your hearing with the Oticon ON App. The Oticon ON App lets you control your hearing aids with the tap of a finger. Get access to an almost limitless range of connectivity options and functionalities.


Oticon Opn Play

Designed to stand up to the test of childhood.

Oticon Opn Play gives your child 360º access to the world and helps your child differentiate between meaningful sound and irrelevant disturbing sound. Oticon Opn Play offers outstanding hearing care without compromising your child’s safety and well-being.


  • Robustness. Oticon Opn Play hearing aids have been designed with children’s active lives and safety in mind.
  • Tamper-resistant battery door. We’ve developed essential protection to help keep the battery out of reach of curious fingers.
  • Free of allergens. To minimize allergies, we have excluded more than 200 potentially harmful materials including phthalates. Our hearing aids are painted with biocompatible paint and are completely hypoallergenic.
  • IP68 Certified. Oticon’s hearing aids are IP68-certified to ensure dust- and water-resistance. They are able to withstand humidity and varying temperatures.
  • LED light for complete peace of mind. The LED indicator gives those people caring for and teaching the child visual confirmation that the battery is functioning properly.
  • ConnectClip. Oticon’s ConnectClip remote microphone makes it easier for your child to communicate with friends and family where distance or noise are involved. This includes the classroom, in the car, at the playground or if you are walking your child in a stroller.
  • Amigo FM. It can be a challenge for your child or teenager to hear the voice of the teacher in noisy classrooms and lecture halls. Amigo FM is designed to overcome the effects of distance and noise and catch as much instruction as possible.
  • Oticon ON App. The app offers a wide range of features that add to the outstanding audiology of Oticon Opn Play.

Oticon Opn

New Oticon Opn technology.

Groundbreaking technology from Oticon is fast and precise enough to analyze and follow the dynamics of the soundscape, and differentiate between speech and noise. By rapidly and precisely reducing noise, it allows you to access and handle multiple speakers simultaneously.


  • Opn is rechargeable. Turn any Opn miniRITE hearing device into a rechargeable solution — and save up to 200 disposable batteries a year. Rechargeable batteries can be replaced with disposable batteries, giving users maximum flexibility.
  • Powerful tinnitus relief. Oticon Opn with Tinnitus SoundSupport™ helps you take back control and manage the symptoms of tinnitus — and experience the benefits of open sound. Tinnitus SoundSupport offers a variety of relief sounds, including popular ocean-like sounds that can be customized for each user.
  • Telecoil technology meets open sound. miniRITE-T (Telecoil) folds telecoil technology and a double push-button into the sleek design of a miniRITE. The wireless telecoil technology can be used wherever a loop system is installed, and delivers sounds directly into your hearing aids.
  • Open sound in a power instrument. The powerful and compact Oticon Opn BTE13 Plus Power brings the benefits of open sound to users with severe-to-profound hearing loss. This is a truly powerful solution designed to meet your everyday needs and is a perfect balance of size, user friendliness and power.
  • Oticon SafeLine™. With Oticon SafeLine, you gain the confidence that your hearing aids won’t be lost, fall off or become damaged, no matter how demanding the action gets.
  • Giving teens the confidence to be themselves. Oticon Opn is Oticon’s best hearing aid for teenagers because its 360o soundscape gives them the confidence to thrive in everyday situations. And as the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid, Opn seamlessly connects to popular electronic devices, opening a new world of possibilities.
  • The first hearing aid fast enough to support the brain. The processing speed of Opn technology ensures more accurate information about the 360° soundscape. Oticon Opn improves your ability to understand speech by up to 30%, so you don’t have to work as hard to understand, leaving more mental energy to remember what you hear.

Oticon Alta2

Alta2 is all about style. It’s super sleek and small, and hides just behind your ear. If you prefer, there’s a model that fits discreetly in your ear canal where it’s completely invisible. You can choose from many designs or custom fittings that suit your lifestyle and hearing abilities. They’re all available in colors that match your skin and hair tones, or make a fashionable statement.


  • Fit for any ear. Alta2 is a complete family of premium hearing aids to suit any ear. The unique fitting process is designed to create a truly personalized result.
  • As individual as you are. The elegant design of Oticon designRITE makes it easy to choose your look: discreet to match your skin tone or colorful to match your personal style.
  • Alta2 Plus Power. Alta2 Plus Power is a small, discreet BTE13, ideal for those with more severe hearing loss. Many options and colors are available to meet your preferences for comfort and aesthetics.
  • Alta2 provides up to 20% improvement in understanding soft speech. You’ll be able to hear more of the subtle nuances of a conversation — even a whisper.
  • It can be personalized. With more detail and automation than ever, to fit your unique hearing profile and lifestyle. Wherever you go, whatever you do, make it your life and your world — with Alta2.
  • Alta2 custom solutions. With Oticon’s expanded in-the-ear style range, you have the option of a comfortable premium solution fitted to hide discreetly inside your ears. There’s even a model that fits deep in your ear canal where it’s completely invisible.

Oticon Nera2

Oticon Nera2 is built on the Inium Sense platform. Nera2 audiology provides its users with advanced listening performance and can be adjusted to the individual’s listening preferences. Based on VAC+ rationale and Soft Speech Booster, Nera2 allows factoring in differences in loudness perception and optimizing the listening experience in soft sounds.


  • Soft Speech Booster.  A feature of VAC+ that provides an increased level of soft gain at high frequencies. The feature enhances the details of soft speech signals and is adapted to client’s individual needs and preferences for soft sounds and soft speech.
  • Spatial Sound Advanced. In a binaural fitting, Spatial Sound Advanced enables users to better organize the environment around them. Due to broad bandwidth, flat frequency response and real-time binaural processing, Spatial Sound Advanced helps to convey more of the natural characteristics of a physical environment and the origin of the sounds within it.
  • YouMatic. A personal automatic system programmed to the client’s individual needs and sound preferences. YouMatic controls the sound processing across multiple environments by adjusting the response, directionality, noise management, transient management and compression.
  • Inium Sense. Feedback shield significantly reduces whistling without compromising sound quality or comfort.

Oticon Ria2

Oticon Ria2 is built on the Inium Sense platform. Ria2 audiology provides its users with essential listening performance and can be adjusted to the individual’s listening preferences. Ria2 has dedicated programs to support difficult listening situations.

The Ria2 family styles range from compact in-the-ear styles to a broad palette of behind-the-ear styles. The style range includes the new smaller non-wireless IIC & CIC 75 V2 which fits even more users due to its smaller size.


  • YouMatic is a personal automatic system programmed to the client’s individual needs and sound preferences. YouMatic Essential makes it easy to adjust the instrument’s reaction and response performance to better match clients’ preferences in terms of comfort, support and clarity in sound.
  • Free Focus Essential switches seamlessly between two modes – Optimised Omni and Split directionality – with the possibility to manually switch to Full directionality in very difficult listening situations.
  • Optimised omni is a mode of directionality specifically developed to improve speech understanding by mimicking the natural front focus of the pinna to provide the desired access to the speech signal.
  • Inium Sense feedback shield is an effective feedback protection system implemented on the Inium Sense platform. Inium Sense feedback shield is a hybrid system combining two anti-feedback principles to both prevent and suppress feedback without superimposing artefacts onto the signal quality or sacrificing audibility.
  • Based on the environment, the system deploys the best combination of real-time phase inversion and frequency shift to deliver great sound quality at all times.


Sensei is designed for child development and adapts to provide optimized hearing for any child with hearing loss, in whatever environments they participate in — school, sport, hobbies or play. The array of advanced, automatic and coordinated systems — such as complex signal processing, adaptive directionality, noise management and feedback cancellation systems — give your child speech intelligibility in any listening situation. Thanks to BrainHearing™ technologies, your child is able to develop their auditory systems as naturally as possible, minimizing their cognitive load. Oticon Sensei offers you peace of mind at every step of your child’s journey to adulthood.


  • Preserves the fine details of sound. Deliver the natural sound needed to improve speech understanding.
  • Provide comfort in noisy situations. Eliminate whistling and feedback.
  • Hear the teacher’s voice. FM transmitter and receiver in class. Plus VoicePriority i ™ adaptive FM strategy.
  • Freedom to connect. Wireless access to TV, Phones and entertainment Bluetooth audio sources.
  • LED status indicator. SmartFitTM Trainer ensures ear molds are inserted correctly.
  • Made for childhood. A design that is adventure-proof: robust, safe, allergy-free and water-resistant.
  • Matching the colors of childhood. The Sensei family consists of a variety of cool colors and stickers to make your child’s hearing aid their own.


Dynamo is the most advanced, personalized Super Power product Oticon has ever developed. Premium speech processing technologies are designed to meet the challenges of people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Dynamo has a smaller case size and is available in seven colors. It is powered by a size 13 battery with longer battery life.


  • Dynamo is a slim and powerful hearing aid. Dynamo is available in seven colors. This gives you the freedom to choose which best complements your skin tone, hair color and personal style.
  • Featuring 4 Oticon BrainHearing™ technologies.
  • A powerful advance in hearing technology and it gives the most power ever in a compact BTE13 Super Power device.
  • Connect with a world of entertainment, information, and ideas. Now your phone calls, favorite music, mobile and computer video chats, podcasts, TV, live performances and presentations can be streamed into your hearing devices via the Streamer Pro.
  • Dynamo harnesses the power of Oticon’s innovative BrainHearing™ technology. This allows Dynamo to be customized to your unique hearing profile and personal sound preferences. Then it delivers sound in the way your brain is best able to understand it.
  • Different listening environments pose different challenges, but Dynamo levels the playing field. Speech Guard E works in partnership with Speech Rescue to protect the clarity of sound. In stable sound environments, the system responds slowly, and simply makes sound clear and undistorted, providing your brain with the best signal possible.
  • Speech Rescue is a unique sound processing feature that captures spoken sound and makes it more understandable. Other power hearing instruments compress sounds in the hearing spectrum. Dynamo with Speech Rescue actually rescues the important speech frequencies that you might otherwise lose.

Oticon ConnectLine

Mobile phones, MP3-players, computers, and TV can put even the most sophisticated hearing instruments to the test. Signals from external audio sources are best received directly and wirelessly, and with ConnectLine children can connect to any device at the touch of a button and receive clear sound right into their hearing aids.