Rancho Santa Fe CA Hearing Aid Center

For too many people, the thought of having to drive from one place to another to have your hearing aid needs met can be quite tiring. One place to screen and test, another place to purchase the hearing aid, and yet another place to have them repaired makes it inconvenient to say the least about having a hearing aid.

At the Lawrence Hearing Aid Center Rancho Santa Fe CA, you can find all these services under one roof. You will no longer have to drive from place to place to have your hearing aid needs met as the professional staff at our hearing aid center has what you need.


Our owner and operator, Chris Lawrence, is a board-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BCH-IS) and provides the leadership for the services we provide to you which includes the following;

  • Hearing Evaluation, Screening, & Testing
  • Selection of both New and Refurbished Hearing Aids
  • Proper Fitting, Repairs, and Service
  • Ultimate Ears EU Pro
  • Low, Competitive Pricing for All Products and Services

You’ll find the latest technology being used in our hearing aid products. Plus, we offer a wide range of selection that includes new and refurbished hearing aids, so you get what you want. Our exceptional evaluation, screening, and testing services ensure that your hearing aid will be just right for your needs. Plus, you can even have your old hearing aid repaired in our center. All this provided for low, affordable prices that fit your budget.

Why Choose Our Hearing Aid Center?

There are good reasons why so many in the Rancho Santa Fe CA area have stopped by our center for their hearing aid needs. It all begins with our dedicated, professional staff that ensures your needs are met and your expectations exceeded by our service to you. We understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer we serve.

Best Technology: Technology is always improving, and we understand that you only want the best. That’s why you can find the latest hearing aids in our center. Plus, we also use the latest technology in screening, testing, fitting, and repairing your hearing aids as well.

Location: For those who live in the area, the Lawrence Hearing Aid Center Rancho Santa Fe CA is a convenient place to drive. However, we also mean that all your hearing aid needs can be found under one roof from testing to fitting to selection to service. You do not have to drive from place to place when it is all here for you. This includes finding refurbished hearing aids and repair services as well.

Saving You Money: Our line of refurbished hearing aids works just like new and cost less than purchasing a new one. Plus, if your old hearing aid is broken, we can repair it right at the center. This means that you might save even more money having your hold hearing aid fixed compared to buying a new one.

At the Lawrence Hearing Aid Center Rancho Santa Fe CA, we are here to help you with all your hearing aid needs. Call or come by today and find out why more people are choosing our center.