Best Hearing Aid Technology

How Do I Know Which Hearing Aid Technology is Best For Me

To choose the best hearing system for your needs there are a few things you need to consider.

Manufacturers and hearing instrument specialists have been searching for the answer to this question for many years. Every patient we meet is also trying to find an answer to this complex question. With an average of 12 ads hitting their homes monthly, either newspaper, junk mail ads, internet search results, shared experiences among friends who use brand new or refurbished hearing aids, and some television commercials claiming they have found the fix from ringing in the ears to hearing a whisper from across the room. The facts are: no single hearing system solves the problems that are unique to the hearing impaired population as a whole, as each individual has different experiences when it comes to sound. Certain automobile manufacturers specialize in mini cars, others in trucks, etc.; this is very true in the hearing instrument world as well. Hearing aid manufacturers have very strong influences in the marketplace for their specialties and some are better than others for those patients who need that style or technology grouping. It is very important to choose a hearing healthcare professional who dispenses multiple brands of hearing aids, either brand new or refurbished hearing aid, but who also understands the technology they are providing to their patients.

It is extremely helpful to approach a hearing aid purchase with a list of specific concerns rather than a handful of brochures or advertising gimmicks. Your hearing healthcare professional will be able to help you choose the best system for you by reviewing your hearing test, listening to your individual concerns and addressing your unique listening challenges.

Lawrence Hearing Aid Center is an independently owned and operated hearing aid clinic which puts a strong emphasis on patient care and quality of products provided. Our patients have a complete understanding of their hearing system and how it will work to improve their unique life requirements. Chris was born and raised in San Diego and has 27 years of experience in the hearing healthcare industry. It is his passion to bring a total hearing health care plan to every patient he is lucky enough to work with.

It is important to remember that adapting to amplification for the first time can be a lengthy process, and it is important that you find a professional that not only listens to your concerns but understands the technology that he or she is recommending. Although it may not be possible to eliminate all of the issues related to your hearing loss, your experience should prove to be a positive one. Everyone wants to feel, see, hear as if they were 20 years old again, unfortunately this is not possible, but hearing instruments for those who need it can bring back life’s little joys; like hearing a grandchild’s poem the first time, watching a movie with your loved ones without using them as your hearing aid. These things and many more of life’s forever moments are possible with a properly fit hearing system from a caring professional.