Hearing Instrument Supplies And ALD’s

What are Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)?

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You may have certain communication needs that cannot be solved by just using hearing instruments. These situations may include the following important everyday life sounds: telephone, radio, television, doorbells, and or alarm clocks. Special devices have been developed to help hearing instrument wearers with these problems. Like hearing instruments, assistive listening devices and alerting devices make sounds louder or convert the signals to visual or tactile queues instead. Assistive listening devices and alerting devices can increase the loudness of a desired sound, like a radio or television, a public speaker, or an alarm system, or may make an auditory alarm (such as a smoke signal) into a visual alarm (such as a strobe light). To find out more about assistive listening devices, hearing devices, hearing aid accessories or refurbished hearing aid, please call Chris at Lawrence Hearing Aid Center.

Hearing Instrument Supplies

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