Hearing Aid Repairs

The most common question I receive from patients that have older hearing systems is, “How do I know when I need to replace my hearing aids”?

Unfortunately, there is not a clear single answer to this question. If your hearing system is not working, and you have tried changing the batteries, it may just need a thorough cleaning, tune-up or a manufacturer repair. With more than 22 years of hearing instrument experience, 14 of those years spent repairing and building hearing instruments, Chris Lawrence, BC-HIS is uniquely qualified to diagnose your hearing instruments condition.
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Having an older hearing instruments is not always a reason for replacement, having a good maintenance program with your hearing professional is key to keeping your hearing instruments in good working order. If your hearing loss has not changed significantly, and you have not seen a change in your understanding of speech, having your refurbished hearing aid or hearing Instrument repaired may be a good option. There are physical factors that weigh into this decision and being evaluated by a Hearing Instrument Specialist that is familiar with your current hearing instrument technology is the first step.

Reasons why patients upgrade their older instruments or repair their hearing aid.

  • I want the latest technology.
  • My current instruments no longer fit my hearing loss.
  • I have never been happy with my current hearing instruments.
  • These instruments have been unreliable.
  • You’re out of warranty.

How to repair your hearing aid

Lawrence Hearing Aid Center is a full-service hearing aid clinic and can handle any hearing repair of brand new or refurbished hearing aids, any make or model. Pricing is dependent on the age, condition, and type of repair work needed.

We repair hearing aid manufacturer brands like:

and many others.

If you believe that your hearing instruments are in need of repair or if you are just not hearing as well as you think you should please call and schedule an appointment today!

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