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December 18, 2017

What To Ask Before Buying Hearing Aids

Lawrence Hearing aid center
Lawrence Hearing Aid Center
Lawrence Hearing Aid Center

Buying a set of new or refurbished hearing aids can be life-altering, so it’s imperative that you get all of your questions answered before making a decision on the best solution that meets your needs. Here are some fundamental questions you can ask your hearing care professional during your consultation.

How does the hearing aid device respond to different sound settings?

You hear differently in a quiet room to one person, then in a noisy room during a group conversation. Ask the hearing care professional how the device adapts to these different situations: does it respond automatically or do you need to manually adjust settings.

Does the hearing aid have feedback control?

In some cases, electrical feedback can cause a hearing aid or refurbished hearing aid device to whistle. Ask if there is a feedback cancellation system built into the hearing device. In addition, if you spend a lot of time outdoors, ask if there is a feature to guard the microphone against wind noise.

Can I adjust background noise?

The concept of a hearing aid is to amplify sound to hear it more clearly. However, not all sounds are welcome. Background noise can be extremely hindersome and prevent you from clearly hearing a source close to you.

Some hearing devices have the ability to detect unwanted noises and fade those down while allowing speech to sound clearly over the top. This is known as background noise reduction and it’s important to check if the device has this feature.

Does it have phone Bluetooth connectivity?

Some hearing aids simply amplify a telephone call, however, others are more advanced. Ask if the hearing device is Bluetooth enabled, which enables the phone signal to be wirelessly redirected to the hearing aid. It makes for much clearer listening and a reduced risk of feedback.

Don’t be afraid to write a list of questions you’d like to discuss with your hearing aid provider.

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