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April 10, 2015

“Invisible Hearing Aids” Are They Right For Me?

tiny hearing aid
Lawrence Hearing Aid Center
Alicia Wearing invisible hearing aid

You might have come across the ads for “invisible hearing aids” especially if you have been researching hearing aids. If you saw them, then you are probably thinking, like many other people, these are the best inventions ever. The main reason why people with hearing problems want invisible hearing aids is that they don’t want to look old.

Chances are that you might be self-conscious about looking old before your time, but you still have to ask if those tiny hearing aids can really help you hear better. Ultimately, what you want is a hearing aid that you can hear clearly with and is comfortable to wear.

An “invisible” hearing aid could be a total waste of money depending on what type of hearing loss you have. If it doesn’t last for more than three years or if you just can’t hear clearly, then what good are they to you? You don’t want to invest lots of money into hearing aids and still end up asking “huh” when people are talking to you.

Nothing makes you look older than asking people to repeat often!

Invisible Hearing Aids, sometimes called contact lens for the ear, are only 16mm and are inserted by a hearing professional deep within the ear canal and from the outside, it is completely invisible. Invisible Hearing Aids are designed to be worn in the ear for four months at a time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users can shower, swim, and talk on the phone, even sleep in them.

If you have any questions regarding invisible hearing aids, you can get the answers you want at Lawrence Hearing Aid Center. These devices are best for those with minimal hearing loss. If your hearing loss is more severe, then you will have to look at other alternatives. Visit our office today and let our hearing experts carry out an inexpensive hearing evaluation for you free of charge.