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April 10, 2015

How Do You Diagnose Hearing Loss?

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Lawrence Hearing Aid Center
Lawrence Hearing Aid Center

Do you know what the common hearing loss symptoms are? Although the symptoms are different for each person people, here are some typical symptoms displayed by those experiencing hearing loss:

  • Speech and sounds become “muffled, or blurry”
  • Cannot understand words in a group setting or if there is background noise
  • Difficulty hearing particular sounds like consonants
  • Often asking others to speak louder, to repeat themselves or to slow down.
  • Having to turn up the volume on the TV or radio.
  • Stay away from social interactions especially conversations

What to look forward to during a hearing evaluation

A hearing evaluation consists of a comprehensive assessment of your hearing background to determine if something from your past may be a potential cause of hearing loss and to understand if medical intervention may be necessary. You will also be asked about your genetic historical past to evaluate if your mother and father or siblings have or had a hearing reduction. The hearing care specialist will then begin the physical screening, which is essential to ascertain the severity of the loss.

Once the medical history is done, you will be required to take part in a hearing analysis. The otoscopy is the first phase in the evaluation of hearing. The hearing expert will take a good look in your ear canals to be certain they are clear of wax or various other foreign matter, which may result in or lead to hearing loss. In the course of the subsequent phase of evaluation, you will be required to listen closely to and echo some words, as well as to listen to various beeps. They are utilized to ascertain exactly what degree you are able to pick up soft speech. Additionally, it is required to listen to beeps at different frequencies to determine which pitches are most affected by your loss of hearing.

What’s next if you do have hearing loss

The hearing care specialist will examine the data from all assessments and measurements to determine whether you have loss of hearing, along with the type and extent of hearing problems. Hearing difficulties and their treatment methods differ based on the characteristics of the hearing loss. Sometimes, the treatment of loss of hearing is an easy as clearing away wax from ear canals.

If you think you suffer from hearing loss, please contact our office today to set up a comprehensive hearing evaluation.